Slowest. Ride. Evverrrr.

Yo, Metro-North–what was with the 20-minute ride from 125th to Grand Central this morning?

You pulled out of 125th at 8:53, like you normally do. You sat at Blackberry Hill for about four minutes, waiting at the mouth of the tunnel like a child afraid to enter a haunted house.

Then you positively crawled your way through the tunnel before resting at track 23. All told, a 20-minute ride that covered about 80 blocks–pulling in at 9:13 instead of your scheduled 9:04.

That’s even late by your lax standards.  

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1 Response to Slowest. Ride. Evverrrr.

  1. CTRider says:

    There was a broken rail in the tunnel somehwere.

    It only took me about 15 mins from 125 > GCT, but the conductor announced that the delay was due to a broken rail.

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