Near-Tragedy on the Tappan Zee

A reader writes in and says a friend was driving over the Tappan Zee Bridge yesterday and witnessed a would-be jumper who presumably paid no heed to the signs on the bridge reminding the despondent that Life is Worth Living.

The driver was stuck in traffic and watched the rescue team pull the distraught man off the bridge and usher him into an ambulance. The traffic allowed him to shoot a photo though.


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1 Response to Near-Tragedy on the Tappan Zee

  1. William Hays says:

    Hey! They shoulda let him jump! He is going to die of some-sort of encaphalopothy anyway!
    Anyhoo, check out (“Google”) Tappan Zee Bridge, before it falls down. The new bridge might include a Metro North line into Rockland County. That would be cool! Ever wonder why they built the existing bridge at the widest point of the Hudson? Democrats, methinks!

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