LIRR-DISABILITY SCANDAL: FBI Raids Retirement Board’s L.I. Office

On Day Three of the Long Island Railroad/Employee Disability Scam Scandal (LIRREDSS), federal agents raided the Westbury offices of the Railroad Retirement Board, the shady federal organization that signs off on railroad employees’ dodgy disability claims.

What a scene it must’ve been–career LIRR workers standing on line with their claims, perhaps rubbing “sore” knees and backs for effect, just as investigators burst through the doors. The NY Times reports that they left with nine file boxes and five personal computers.

The feds were good enough to alert the media, it seems. Times lensman Uli Seit has a great shot of a stone-faced fed pushing a huge dolly full of files like a freshman footballer hitting the blocking sled. Seit’s photo reveals another photographer shooting the scene from behind the agent.


[Nice to see Mitt Romney keeping busy after his failed presidential bid…click on to enlarge]

The Times says Gov. Paterson is pushing attorney general Cuomo to blow this thing wide open, and has tapped Congress in the fight as well.

The raid came two days after The New York Times reported that nearly all career employees of the railroad — from 93 percent to 97 percent of retirees every year since 2000 — retire early and soon after begin getting disability payments from the federal agency. The retirement board almost never turns down a claim, and since 2000 has paid more than a quarter of a billion dollars in disability checks to former Long Island Rail Road workers, The Times found.

Responding to the findings, Gov. David A. Paterson immediately directed the state attorney general to begin a wide-ranging inquiry into disability claims at the railroad. On Tuesday, he called on Congress to aid in that investigation.

I think the true victim in all of this, besides taxpayers like you and me and poor bastards on fixed incomes and menial wages footing the bill, are the LIRR workers with legitimate claims, and LIRR workers in general–all of whom are being besmirched by this ugly scandal. Surely plenty of them aren’t claiming fake injuries for pay, and are simply going about their jobs each day like good Americans do.

I can’t imagine LIRR president Helena Williams, who in the most recent Times article asserts that the LIRR should divorce the Railroad Retirement Board and throw its retirement business to the Social Security system, keeping her job amidst all of thus. Despite her claims that she was powerless to fight the rampant fraud going on, it happened on her watch, and it’s not hard to imagine that a phone call to the governor, attorney general or local Congressperson would’ve gotten the ball rolling on changes to an egregiously faulty system.

[image: NY Times]

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5 Responses to LIRR-DISABILITY SCANDAL: FBI Raids Retirement Board’s L.I. Office

  1. Clemuel says:

    These fools are being played like a fiddle. The disability payments are completely legal under federal law. The problem is that the MTA criminally underfunded the LIRR pension. I suppose they never thought there employees would turn 50.

    It’s the ignorant management that after nearly 90 years of contractual agreements, couldn’t figure out how to utilize their employees without violating their agreements five times in a day!

    That fat guy Koerber deserves more pay than Mrs. Williams. At least he had responsibility and accountability — two things not required of LIRR Management!

  2. rp says:

    there are more scavengers in LIRR than in the sky, scams like this are never heard of .Why the physicians who certified 97% disabled are not arrested why all who made false claim of disability are not procecuted.This is just another kind of robbery,all who robbed the LIRR are no better than train robbers of the west.Hope scandal does not die down without any procecutions.

  3. Tracy says:

    I know someone collecting that shouldnt be… I want to report it.

  4. Keira James says:

    i am saving money for my retirement because i want to enjoy most of my time as an old man.**:

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