17,000 Gallons Cost Metro-North $1,500

Metro-North Railroad has settled a case with the Westchester District Attorney in which the railroad was charged with spilling 17,000 gallons of fuel at its Harmon Yard facility. Metro-North is paying the minimum $1,500 fine and had the criminal charges stemming from the March 2008 spill knocked down to a violation.

According to Metro-North, the spill “occurred because of a failure of a component in the locomotive refueling system at the Harmon Rail Yard. Remediation efforts were undertaken under the supervision of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.”

Almost all the spillage was recovered, says the railroad, and none found its way into the Hudson. Had that happened, Metro-North would be paying a lot more than $1,500, and media outlets considerably larger than freakin’ Trainjotting would’ve been all over the story.

So…17,000 gallons for $1,500…that’s about nine cents a gallon. Not a bad deal.

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