‘Really Scorched’ on the 7:05

“The Saugatucker” writes in about a very special friend he made on the 7:05 to New Haven last night.


Old red-faced Wall Street guy with bloodshot eyes, tattered New York Post in his lap.  He’s talking loudly into his cell phone with his hand cupped over his mouth, as if that makes a difference. 

He’s going on and on about today’s markets, drinking a Miller Lite and a Glaceau Vitamin Water simultaneously: 

“I just got shot in the DICK!!!  Oh, my God!  My reputation!  How stupid do I look!!  I’m in, short!, and he decides to blow this up.  I am really scorched.  Really scorched. 

“Equity volume was lost because they SUCK!  DUH!  This is really bad, really, really bad.  I’m going to see them tomorrow and I’ll need one beer before I punch their lights out.”

He just hung up and went into the bathroom, and I hear vomiting. 

[image: inmagine.com]

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3 Responses to ‘Really Scorched’ on the 7:05

  1. jersey jim says:

    he probably works for Lehman…poor slob.

  2. Saugatucker says:

    Six years and eight days later, I am sitting across this same man on the post-8:30 a.m. “Gentlemen’s Train” to Grand Central. I’m on my way to the office, but there’s no look of urgency whatsoever over there. He’s in loafers and a crisp white polo shirt and looks like he got a good night’s sleep last night. He loops through perusing his fishing magazine (fun article here – “Tuna Fishing in Cabo”), checking his Blackberry, and adding items to a fresh-looking to-do list on a yellow legal pad. I note – with relief for the guy – that he’s got a wedding ring on, and have to wonder what it was like for him to finally arrive home on that night when the world blew up on him. I hope today is easy on him and for all of us.

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