‘Snakes on a Train’. ‘Nuff Said.


How did this one elude Trainjotting for so long?

JerseyJim has not only alerted us to the presence of the film Snakes on a Train, but in the ultimate gesture of selflessness, has even vowed to review it.

Wikipedia offers up the movie’s “plot.”

Although taking the same basic idea from Snakes on a Plane (lots of deadly snakes loose on a claustrophobic, high speed means of transport), the background story of how and why the snakes are there is significantly different. In this movie, a woman has been put under a Mayan curse which causes snake eggs to hatch inside of her and eat their way out. In order to stop this, she must take a train to Los Angeles where a powerful Mayan shaman can lift the curse. When she gets on the train, things go wrong and the eggs start to hatch, leaving the rest of the people on the train to deal with the killer snakes. Eventually, and inexplicably, she transforms into a gigantic snake herself and proceeds to swallow the train whole.

This reminds me of an interview Snakes…Plane star Sam Jackson–who is not in Snakes…Train–did while making the late-night rounds prior to the film’s release. He jokingly hinted at a sequel, something to the effect of Rats on a Plane: Where are the Fucking Snakes When You Need Them?

Needless to say, we eagerly await JerseyJim’s review of the movie.

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