Un-Conventional Transport in Mile-High City

Pedicab drivers are doing brisk business at the Democratic Convention, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Steve Meyer, owner of one of Denver’s largest fleets of pedicabs and a manufacturer of the vehicles, wants the convention’s national audience to see bike taxis as a dynamic part of the urban fabric and the ultimate in green transportation.

Stephanie Simon/The Wall Street Journal
Matt Chimes says he’s been preparing for a jump in pedicab business.

“People see pedicabs as like a horse-drawn carriage, sitting there on the curb for our amusement. We want people to see them in a new light, as a fundamental mode of transportation,” said Mr. Meyer, whose Mile High Pedicabs boasts a 40-vehicle fleet.

Drivers of the bike rickshaws are fueling up on megacalories–and in some cases, mega supplements–to meet the challenge of lugging fat-ass delegates around Denver’s pedestrian district.  

If only those styrofoam hat-wearing tourists would tip a little better.

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