The Little Train Station That Could


Some small-town hack has written in the NY Times about efforts to restore the old train station in Yorktown Heights. The little green station was part of the Old Putnam Railroad, which shut down 50 years ago. The train tracks are now a bike path, and the historical society and some local volunteers want to turn the old station house into a resting spot for bikers/walkers/runners on the rail trail, and a place to show some old photographs of the former railway.

The 420-square-foot Yorktown Heights Station Depot sits in the middle of Railroad Park, which is bisected by a bike path where the tracks of the New York Central Railroad’s Putnam Division — nicknamed the Old Put — once lay.

Where some see a derelict depot, others see a jewel in need of some T.L.C.


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2 Responses to The Little Train Station That Could

  1. William Hays says:

    It expired as a station of the New York Central System, Putnam Division, nee the New York and Northern. I, for one, would hate to see the old station turned into a haven for sweaty/smelly/water-bottle strewing/”Labrador Landmine”-leaving “Yuppie Scum” on their $10,000 bicycles and in their $300 shoes and silly Spandex. Faggots! Bring back the rails!!! Let the “Yuppies” play in traffic!

  2. William Hays says:

    Sorry. The predecessors of the New York Central’s “Putnam Division” were many, including the New York & Boston; the New York City & Northern, and a couple of others.
    Keep the “Yuppies” away! Let them ride in traffic or grade their own trails! Good aiming points on NY 100!!!

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