A Most Creepy Subway Tail


From today’s edition of “Nonagenarians Saying “Isn’t New York Just the Most Wonderful Place?”…I mean, the NY Times Metropolitan Diary:

Dear Diary:

Returning home from the East Village on a Saturday night last month, my friend and I boarded the L train at First Avenue. Just after we sat down, the entire packed car started screaming, and a wave of people, beginning at the opposite end of the train, began frantically running toward my end of the train and out the door.

Instinctively knowing exactly what would cause such a reaction in a group of late-night New Yorkers, I ran out of the closest door to safety.

Seconds later, following in my path, a rat ran out of the train and down the platform, but not before bumping into my friend’s leg. Despite my longstanding rat phobia, I must admit that amid a large group of screaming, running people, the rat looked pretty small and harmless.

We reboarded the train, all anxiously awaiting the closing of the doors, and as the train pulled out of the station, the car was abuzz with laughter, excitement and the recounting of this most recent New York tale.

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