Clyde Haberman is Disappointed in You…Again


NY Times “NYC” columnist Clyde Haberman is once again wagging a wrinkly finger at the hoi polloi who ride the subway, and litter on and around it too.

When it comes to creating trash, however, New Yorkers are nothing if not catholic in their tastes. They’ll throw anything to the ground, leaving it to some poor hard-working devil making minimum wage or close to it to pick up their mess.

There are so many of these self-centered louts that our immediate reaction to the transit agency’s campaign might be rendered in Internet-speak as LOL. We don’t mean Laughing Out Loud. The anti-trash effort is commendable. This LOL stands for Lots of Luck.

Not unlike LIRR madman John Clifford, Haberman wishes every last subway rider sat stock-still, arms crossed, iPod turned up only to 2, and took up no more space than that a one-inch buffer zone around the perimeter of his being.

Here, Haberman chastises riders who don’t fold their NY Times properly.

Here, he ponders life with cellphones on public transportation, same as he did here…and hereand here

And, of course, here.

Geez, this guy’s even more uptight than TJ. He’s actually got some decent points about what is sometimes a lack of human decency out there–too bad he comes across as such as schoolmarm when he presents his case.

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