Platform Jumpers Defy Gravity, Rules

StationStops offers some intriguing video–and commentary–on the Generation Xbox pastime of jumping from train platform to train platform, over the tracks and the dreaded third rail. The video appears to have been shot along the 7 line in Queens.

SS writes:

What really makes me mad about platform jumping is that if you don’t make it, and you break your leg and are stuck on the tracks, someone is going to have to go down there and help you get out, then you both get killed. How fun.

NYC Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges addressed the issue with an email to AMNY Subway Tracker: It goes without saying the conduct seen on this video is blatantly unsafe and we strongly advise this young man, or anybody else so inclined, to refrain from jumping on or over subway tracks. Not only is this unsafe, but it is probably a violation of the Rules of Conduct and subject to summons, fine or worse.

Putting bruises and broken bones aside, there are 600 volts of electricity flowing through a live 3rd rail – more then enough to kill these young men or anybody else who comes in contact with it.

In other news, the X Games announced they’ll debut station platform jumping as an exhibition sport in 2010.

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