Garrison Keiller Digs the Harlem Line


“Prairie Home Companion” guy Garrison Keiller performed his lusty ode to the Metro-North at New York’s Town Hall venue recently. “MTA (Mobile Line)” name-checks several stops along the Harlem Line:

The Metro North that runs the big silver trains
Hey lordy mama, mama, hey lordy papa, papa
Runs the big silver trains
Takes you to Bronxville, Scarsdale and White Plains

Valhalla, Mt. Pleasant, Hawthorne and Pleasantville
Golden Bridge, Katonah and Bedford Hills
Got to get a train, Mama, I beg your pardon
Ride it to Harlem and the New York Botanical Garden

Here’s a clip of Keillor performing “MTA” with the folkies Robin and Linda Williams.

Thanks to Mileposts for the heads-up.


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1 Response to Garrison Keiller Digs the Harlem Line

  1. William Hays says:

    I thought his name is Garrison Keillor. No biggie. He remains a Communist/Liberal/Hippie-freak/Tree-hugger/Democrat “Arschloch”. Jesse Ventura should have had him locked away.

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