Cannito Rides Into Sunset, Sander Drives Over a Cliff

Metro-North boss Peter Cannito uses the front page of the June Mileposts, out today, to bid farewell to the railroad. “I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of the work that is done every day to serve you,” says Cannito, who then begins to tell us how proud he is of the work that is done every day to serve us.

“The performance improvements, the ridership growth, the innovations that we have made in technology, and the strategic planning we have undertaken for our needs now, in five years, and in 20 years were all done to make this railroad better for you,” he enthuses.  

What Cannito and the rest of Mileposts does not mention, but the NY Times does, is that Metro-North–and the NYC subway–may raise prices again next year, on the heels of the price hikes it instituted just a few months ago. MTA executive director Elliot Sander sounded a very despondent note when addressing the Authority’s budget woes, due primarily to thinned real estate tax revenue and of course gas prices.


“We’re going over the cliff,” said Sander, fairly ominously, about the MTA’s 2008 finances.

The last time subway fares went up in consecutive years were the dreary days of 1980 and 1981.

Sounds like Cannito is getting out just in time.


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