Italian Seductress Turns Up at Station

I’ve often lamented the fact that few cyclists opt to use the bike rack that I’d painstakingly (OK, it wasn’t that painful) lobbied Town Hall to install at the Hummerville train station.

I did, however, share the rack with a handsome silver mountain bike a few weeks back, and pulled up to the rack (sorry, it’s just fun saying “rack”) today to find a most curious rack resident.

It was a gleaming black Vespa motor scooter, its front wheel chained to the bike rack.


It was easily the first time I’d ever seen the motorized variety of two-wheeled transport drop anchor at the bike rack.

Seeing that motor was like watching Dylan plug in his Fender Strat at the Newport Folk Festival in ’65.

Spying that Italian make was like Roberto Baggio showing up for your rec-league soccer practice.


My rusted Trek was, needless to say, charmed to be in the Vespa’s company.

[images: thehappeningmovie.blogspot;]

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One Response to Italian Seductress Turns Up at Station

  1. D says:

    Is it legal (or at least tolerated by the authorities) to park scooters or motorcycles where the bike racks are? I’ve seen some stations with them parked in the bike area and wanted to do the same at White Plains…

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