The Trainjotting Interview: LilSubwayCrybaby

Trainjotting will periodically cyber-sit with other members of the rail-blogging community to check out what’s in their head. For the inaugural edition of The Trainjotting Interview, we cyber-chat with the blogger behind, an offbeat blast of magic realism in the form of a blog chronicle of bad behavior on the NYC subway.  


One of LSCB’s recent pearls of wisdom advised riders on the best way to handle having fallen onto the subway tracks as the train is barrelling toward you.

Lilsubway actually recommends running towards the train to try to intimidate it. Chances are good it will back down. If it doesn’t, remember it is made of aluminum, a very soft metal. Trains are basically big pussies, so whatever you decide, chances are you’ll be A-okay. Love! 

As LSCB might say Boobam, here it goes.

Trainjotting: Where did the LilSubwayCrybaby name come from? What’s a LilSubwayCrybaby? Am I one without realizing it?

LilSubwayCrybaby: I was taking the 6 uptown with a friend of mine, who actually helped me start the page, which wasn’t even a blog at first.  Anyway, she had this idea to start a website that would counter  I place for people to bitch and rant about relationships.  This is a great idea, we were going to call it 

But then I figured a site just about the new york subway would be much more successful… and there are sooooo many cry babies on the subway, so boobam, lilsubwaycrybaby. 

Are you one? Yes.  Most people are. 

TJ: What compelled you to start an NYC subway blog?
LSCB: The power of Christ.  No, lol.  I initially wanted to start a forum, but didn’t think there was enough traffic potential for something about bitching on the subway.  So I just started telling my stories.  The point is to make fun of people who throw a fit on the subway, but I guess I throw most of the fits. 

TJ: What’s your day job?
LSCB: I work for an internet company and cruise the net.  I can’t wait for a real life holideck to come out so I can just step into the net instead of looking at through my computer. 
TJ: What was your most popular post?
LSCB: I really have no idea.  I’ve spammed gothamist and craiglist from time to time, so those posts have gotten tons of traffic.  Organically, I get most traffic from the Cottonelle post.. egh.  The Wheelchair post got some comments, as did my rant about
TJ: “If I was the MTA commissioner for a day, I would…:

LSCB: Shut down the 1,2,3 or the 4,5,6 and have a race day.  I would charge everyone $10 to come to the platform and watch.  I would serve beer and have bbq. 

The trains would go flying by at like 90mph.  I would personally drive one of the trains.

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3 Responses to The Trainjotting Interview: LilSubwayCrybaby

  1. Chimbles says:

    LOL Nice interview! I love nothing brightens my day more than checking it out after work… work sucks!


  2. sublove says:

    So when did this site (lilsubwaycrybaby) get started? This interview idea is good. Will other sites from your blogroll be interviewed?

  3. TJ says:

    We’ll be making our way through the blog roll for interviews with good transit-oriented bloggers. do you have one?

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