The Return of the Double-Decker Bus

NYC Transit is considering bringing back the double-decker bus, that staple of Gotham transportation in the ’50s and, for a forgettable spell, in the ’70s. The NY Times reports that the double-deckers cost less to maintain than the long-ass ones connected in the middle, and that people simply seem to like the view from upstairs.

One hurdle New York City would have to overcome is trimming some trees to allow for the taller buses–and convincing the city’s Tree People to let them do it.

Here’s this gem from the Times in 1942, extolling the virtues of the double-decker.

“The young and ardent New Yorker brought his girl to the top deck of a Fifth Avenue bus and together they sailed into the fabulous land of the shop windows,” the article said. “The New Yorker grown old and a bit philosophical found these lofty seats, moving sedately up the Avenue, ideal places from which to watch the passing show of the pavements.”

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