Dogs Ride Moscow Subway For Free

There’s a Russian website dedicated to dogs riding the Moscow subways and living in the train stations. Canines are living like Gazprom executives in post-perestroika Russia, reports the Wall Street Journal, enjoying handouts and love from well-fed Muscovites.

These dogs wait for the light to turn to cross the street, are pickier by the day when it comes to food, and have developed some cool tricks for getting food, including sneaking up on lunching people and startling them into dropping their grub.

The city’s stray dogs have become a major part of the city’s psyche.

When a disturbed fashion model several years ago stabbed to death a gentle stray that lived at the Mendeleyevskaya metro station, horrified celebrities and ordinary city residents raised money and erected a bronze statue of the dog, Malchik.

Here’s a YouTube clip of a couple dogs enjoying each other’s presence on the Russian subway, while ABC News says it’s not all fun and games between man’s best friend and man.

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1 Response to Dogs Ride Moscow Subway For Free

  1. angels eyes says:

    As an avid dog lover, I just wanted to say thank you.

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