BREAKING: Dead Rabbits Are Never Funny

I just drove by Hawthorne train station and saw a News 12 van in the parking lot, its microwave dish out. I pulled in and waited for a crew member to surface, then asked him what the deal was.

The News 12 guy said a cab driver with Mount Pleasant Taxi, which is based out of the (otherwise) closed Hawthorne station house, left a dead rabbit on the front step of the cab depot today. The guy said the disgruntled cabbie was a Vietnam vet who, presumably, went a little nuts.

News 12 will have the story at 5 today.

And to think–the past few weeks, I’ve been walking around with a Mt. Pleasant Taxi business card in my pocket in case The Missus went into labor while I was working in the city. Mr. Dead Rabbit could’ve been the guy driving me to Phelps to witness the arrival of Little Miss C!

UPDATE: There’s more on–and we stress the word “moron”–rabbit slayer Gerard Skills in the Journal News. Skills had also put the knife to the tires of several cars at Hawthorne station and around Mount Pleasant.

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