Subway Schedules At Your Fingertips

We’ve long heard that subways run on some sort of actual schedule, similar to commuter trains. Like, the 6 train is due in at 9:15, and if you miss that one, the next one is due in at 9:20, or something like that.

We always kind of chalked that up to an urban myth, like the Samaritan who grabbed the stray puppy off the mean streets of Gotham, only to have it turn out to be a giant rat, or the one about the family who was robbed of everything but their camera and (tainted) toothbrushes.

Well, the MTA actually makes these subways schedules available online (our apologies to everyone who’s known this since the ’60s). Here’s the link.

Back to that 6 train–if it seems like she’s pulling into Grand Central every three minutes or so during rush hour, she is, at least theoretically. The 6 is scheduled to arrive at 9:04, then 9:07, then 9:10, and on, until it lags to every four minutes at 9:23.

Good luck downloading the sked to your Blackberry–it’s a pdf file.

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