I Can’t Figure Out Why My House Won’t Sell!

I pass this house every day on my schlep to and from the train.

It’s been on the market forever, and I’m sure the owners are thinking, we priced it fairly ($559K for 4 beds in a cozy 1,500 sq ft and what illogically looks like an in-ground pool squeezed into a .11 acre lot), it’s close to the train (10 minute walk, if you hustle), why the hell won’t it sell?


Maybe I can help, folks.


Folks, these things were deemed either racist or insensitive, depending on your outlook, several decades ago. Now you’ve got hundreds of people stopping by for your open house, and who knows how many thousands checking out your listing on realtor.com, which features the lawn jockey in the listing! Photo #1, no less!

I can’t tell you how tempted I am to steal that thing in the middle of the night.

Great, now TJ is a suspect when the thing actually does get stolen.

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4 Responses to I Can’t Figure Out Why My House Won’t Sell!

  1. Whazzahoo says:

    I think they also burn a cross on the lawn during the Sunday open house.

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  3. Danny Boehm says:

    These Black Lawn Jockey symbolized southern residents who support black freedom in the south, and acted as secret hints that a house with a black lawn jockey and a red cap meant the house was safe to stowe blacks on their way to the north.

    It also represents the first black to assist george washington in the crossing of the delaware during the american revolution..

    If anything this house should be a plus – it’s not racist, if anything its pro-support for a non segregated society.

  4. stumbkins says:

    The Jocko Graves and Underground Railroad stories are both likely false. No documented evidence exists for either.

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