New Rochelle Unveils New Motto

After months of brainstorming sessions, focus groups and input from multiple branding firms, the City of New Rochelle unveiled its new motto on the steps of City Hall today. The tagline reads “Our Crime Problem Isn’t as Bad as Yonkers’.”

Addressing reporters and citizens on a gray morning, Mayor Noam Bramson said New Rochelle’s issues with crime frequently overshadow the city’s many plusses, including its waterfront, lively downtown (including the New Roc City entertainment complex), its easy access to Manhattan via Metro-North and its luxury residential development (Donald Trump of course erected a 39-floor Trump Plaza skyscraper here).


“Everyone talks about the crime in New Rochelle when in fact I’d venture to say it’s twice as bad over in Yonkers,” Bramson told the crowd. “We want people to realize we don’t, in fact, have the worst crime in Westchester. New Rochelle is a vibrant and diverse community, and we’re very much open for business.”

Prompted as to why the city of 72,000 would choose to include “crime” in its slogan, instead of more favorable aspects of New Rochelle, Bramson replied, “It seems like some kid is getting stabbed just about every day over in Yonkers. It’s more like once a week over here.”

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