MTA’s Pally Forbids “Hump Day”

MTA board member Mitchell Pally has taken steps toward forbidding the term “Hump Day” from being uttered around MTA offices. Hump Day is often used as a synonym for Wednesday, as in, you get over the hump of the work week once you get past Wednesday.

But to some, including Pally, it suggests something sexual.

“Having employees go around the office wishing each other a happy ‘Hump Day’ is not only unprofessional but inappropriate,” Pally said in an internal memo that was circulated around MTA headquarters. “Not only that, but it opens us up to lawsuits, which ultimately would be footed, at least in part, by our riders.”

In the memo, which was leaked to Trainjotting late last night, Pally suggests staffers refer to Wednesday as “Bump Day,” should they feel the need to not simply call it Wednesday, though some might regard “Bump” as a sexually-charged euphemism as well.

Pally of course was the MTA board member who pushed to ban alcohol on Metro-North and LIRR trains late in 2006.

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