Can Someone Please Help This Guy?

He said Trainjotting was “great,” so we’re inclined to help the fella.

While Googling train directions from New Haven to the New York
Botanical Gardens I came across your great site. This query may be
answered somewhere in the Trainsjotting archives, but I couldn’t find
it: Is there a way to make the trip without transferring at Grand
Central Station? I’m taking classes at the garden next month and would
love to shortcut such an inefficient connection point.

Many thanks,


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1 Response to Can Someone Please Help This Guy?

  1. sheila says:

    See if you can get a train to Fordham. Then either get a Harlem local to go back 1 stop to Botanical Gardens. Or you could exit the station and see if a Fordham University guard will allow you to cut through the campus to the Gardens. I would not suggest walking the street route, it is much longer and in parts it can be isolated.

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