Metro-North Prez Out!

Peter Cannito, the longest tenured president in Metro-North history, will retire in July. Cannito came on board, so to speak, in June 1999. His claims to fame include “record-setting on-time performance”, a 60% reduction in employee injuries since 2000, pushing for the new Yankee Stadium station next year, and a 93% customer satisfaction rate.

“I prepare to leave this railroad knowing that Metro-North’s employees will continue to raise the standards of excellence,” he said, “both as it relates to what our customers have come to expect of us and what the employees have come to expect of themselves.” 

MTA CEO Elliot Sander thanked “Pete” for his hard work over the years and said “MTA will begin a nationwide search to identify the next Metro-North President knowing that he or she will have very big shoes to fill.” 

Cannito, by the way, prefers size-13 loafers in a triple-wide.

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