Spuyten Duyvil Featured in Metro-North Anniversary Poster

Metro-North is celebrating its anniversary with a poster featuring a rehabbed locomotive rambling up the Hudson, the rehabbed Spuyten Duyvil station–the yearly winner of the Metro-North “Hardest Station to Spell” contest–in the background.


“Nocturne” was created by RISD grad Oren Sherman. “I took the train all the way up the Hudson Line to find the perfect view but the station that I loved the most was right in the Bronx,’ he says. ” I set the scene at night and tried to capture the romance and mystery of a train ride.” 

Repros of Nocturne will be hung throughout the transit system. You can buy one at the Transit Museum shop or online.

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2 Responses to Spuyten Duyvil Featured in Metro-North Anniversary Poster

  1. Cynthia Mancuso says:

    Gorgeous and elegant! Oren’s work is so luminous as I love his use of colors. Always an understated, quiet mystique with a strong sense of proud beauty! Way to go Oren!

  2. Julie Michals Rinaldi (blast from the past) says:

    Such an engaging piece, it is true testament to Mr. Sherman’s brilliant artistry to evoke feelings of calm, simple elegance from a mechanized steel behemoth. Great to see Oren’s work recognized. Well done, my dear old friend!

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