Ambitious Plans at State of MTA Wingding

As you might expect from the blog’s name, Second Ave. Sagas was all over Elliot Sander’s State of the MTA meeting yesterday, which focused primarily on the planned 2nd Avenue subway line. “Today we stand at a crossroads,” said Sander of the MTA’s 40-year–yes, 40-year–expansion plan.

Second Ave. said the speech’s “Holy Grail” included this from Sander:

The Second Avenue Subway can act as a trunk line for new service to West Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx…Consistent with the vision for a Lower Manhattan rail link, imagine the Second Avenue Subway running south to Lower Manhattan, then going under the East River to downtown Brooklyn and on to Jamaica, Queens, via the Long Island Rail Road’s Atlantic Avenue Branch, with a connection to the AirTrain to JFK.

The Second Ave. blog drills deep, so to speak on Sander’s speech, with lots of comments from readers who know an awful lot about subway construction.

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2 Responses to Ambitious Plans at State of MTA Wingding

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  2. Very ambitious, indeed. I hope it would be paired with a sound implementation. Plans would be nothing if the implementing it fails. I’m sure the proponent of this 40~year expansion plan has considered this.

    It would surely take awhile to transform this plan to reality. As long as the the entire project works well and benefits everyone then I think it is worth the time allocated for this.

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