Telecommuting a Bull-Market Fad?

A substantial number of telecommuters are being pulled back into the bricks-and-mortar office, the Wall Street Journal reports, as bosses grow weary of just how much work is being done from one’s “home office.”

Sue Shellenbarger’s column deals primarily with full-time telecommuters, not the people like me who get to work a day from home every few weeks (yet still there’s new Trainjotting content every day…how does he do it?). She says corporations such as AT&T, Intel and Hewlett-Packard are calling some home-based workers back to the job.

“…The factors at work — a push to consolidate operations, and the notion that teamwork improves when people work face-to-face — suggest other employers might follow suit as recession clouds loom,” she writes.

Shellenbarger also reports that the federal government, a primary champion of working from home, posted a 7.3% drop in telecommuting among its workers between 2005 and 2006, due in large part by the Interior Department’s callback on its out of the office workers.

Working from home on a federal government job…could life be any sweeter? 

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