WSJ: Reverse Commute Mostly Sucks

The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the commute from city to suburbs, and finds that it’s exhausting, it’s expensive, it can ruin your social life, and it just might help your career. In short, when all of your friends are hitting happy hour and some funky bar around 6, you’re sipping a Bud tallboy on a train next to some angry guy who runs some stupid commuter blog.

Matt DePascale, 24, says he used to socialize with co-workers three to four times a week when he worked in Legg Mason Inc.’s downtown Manhattan office. In recent months, he accepted an offer at the money-management firm’s Stamford, Conn., office and says that by the time he gets home to his Manhattan apartment, he’s often too tired to go out. “Now I have to take the train to Manhattan, go home to drop off my bag, and then go out to meet up with friends. It’s more of a production,” he said.

The one positive, reporter Dana Mattioli notes, is those suburban jobs often mean more face time with the boss and quicker advancement. Matt DePascale, who never thought to actually bring his bag to the bar, is at least making a little more coin these days.

Mr. DePascale was able to go from a back/middle office position to a front-office spot when he moved to his company’s Connecticut office. Now, he is also eligible for financial incentives and bonuses.

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