Another One Rides the Bus

Interesting article on students commuting to the elite Bronx Science high school in the NY Times today. For Rasheda Browne of Jamaica, Queens, the X32 “school special” bus costs $5–around $1800 for the year–and takes about an hour and a half each way. Most riders on the X32 nap in the morning, and do homework in the afternoon.

“You can’t get better than this,” said driver Efrain Velazquez of his well-behaved riders.

To save money, some students take the subway and a local bus or two home. Yeji Jung takes the 4 train, then the N or W, then the 7 train, and finally a local bus on her two-hour ride home near 188th Street in Queens.

Another X32 rider, Albert An, expressed some disappointment in his academic performance of late at Bronx Science. “This year has tempered my ambitions since my calculus score is not quite up to par,” he said.

Funny, he sounds exactly like me when I was 17. Except for the “ambitions” and the “calculus” and the “up to par.”

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