Trainjotting First Anniversary Party: Thurs, Feb. 7 at Pershing Square

Alert Page Six! Trainjotting has settled on a venue for its first anniversary party.

It went something like this: We stopped by Pershing Square, located right across 42nd from Grand Central’s main entrance, asked for the manager, and told him we wanted to have a nice little soiree for our writers and readers. Perhaps he could give us some sort of drink special?

“Uh, we don’t do that,” came the reply.

Next we went to Annie Moore’s, and gave the same spiel.

“We, uh, don’t do that,” came the reply.

Too humiliated to try elsewhere, and determined not to mark the special occasion with Bud tallboys in the basement of Grand Central, we opted for the place with cheaper beer–cheaper of course being a relative thing in midtown Manhattan.

As has been documented in these pages, Annie Moore’s gets you for $7 a pint (mind you, the Metro-North departures TV in the corner of the bar is free).

Pershing Square, on the other hand, practically gives them away for $6.50. So Pershing Square it is.

C’mon out and meet TJ, Straphanger Joe, CT Rider, PeterFromPort and the rest of the rail-riding ne’er do wells around 7 p.m. next Thursday. Look for the miniature F train on the bar — that’s us.

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