CTRider Gets an Earful…and a Noseful

It only takes a person or two to completely destroy the normally curteous routines of silence and isolation that the everyday commuter cherishes.

The evening was starting out great.  I had just wrapped up a productive day in the office, and managed to not only leave in time to catch the 5:01, but was even able to get to track 24 early enough to secure a single-seater. 

Things are looking good.

The train was still relatively empty & quiet….until I heard a shrill female voice that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  Two Asian girls – most likely in their mid-20’s – entered the car chatting it up in what my mother used to call their ‘outside voices’. 

Things aren’t looking so great anymore, but I figure they will quiet down once the train fills and we get moving. 

Unfortunately, this did not happen.  Worse yet, they seemed to infect most of the other passengers.  I ride this train pretty regularly, and it’s usually dead silent.  Every few weeks, there will be someone screaming into their cell phone but the ‘I wish you were dead’ stares from the other passengers usually gets thru their skull after a few minutes.

Because of these two yappers’ influence, the car is full of loud conversation, including several people on their cell phones.

Enter the Ipod.  I don’t have Bose noise-cancelling headphones like our esteemed webmaster, but I do have Shure EC3’s with foam inserts that fill the entire ear canal and once the music is on, I can’t hear a thing. 

So I’m safe, right?

No way.

Right about 125th, I catch a whiff of one of the most disgusting smells I’ve encountered in quite some time.  I look over, and the yapping chick with the shrill voice is eating something that I can’t identify by sight, but it smells like a combination of garlic, onion and raw sewage.  It’s actually making me gag.

I’d write more, but I can’t.  I’m going to email this to TJ and close up my laptop and move to another car.  I’ll stand in the vestibule to avoid the attack on my senses.

It’s really amazing how one or two people can really affect the behavior of others and completely ruin your commute.


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1 Response to CTRider Gets an Earful…and a Noseful

  1. If it was the most powerful food smell you have ever encountered, it may have been a popular asian fruit known as Durian.

    Although everyone who eats Durian knows that public consumption is completely inappropriate, and in some countries explicitly illegal.

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