Happy Birthday to Metro-North/Trainjotting

As the new issue of Mileposts boasts, that pesky railroad we call Metro-North has turned 25. “We play a crucial role in the lives of a lot of people, taking you to work, school, family and other destinations,” writes President Peter Cannito. “And in doing so, we made a difference in the economic and environmental well being of the region.”

Yeah, blah blah blah. Happy birthday, Metro-North. It being the silver anniversary and all, I may just mark the occasion by buying a one-way ticket entirely with nickels.

More importantly, Trainjotting turns 1 next week. We’ll be celebrating the milestone with Best-of’s all next week–those memorable Words of the Week, Straphanger JoesEngine Bobs and the occasional musing from yours truly from the past year. If a past post comes to mind that you think the rest of the Trainjotting world (uh, all six of you, including Mom) might enjoy, let us know.

And as has been teased recently, we’ll also be raising a few glasses in our honor at a bar to be determined on a date to be determined. We’re currently negotiating with the striking writer’s union as to whether or not I’ll be allowed to say a few funny words at the beginning of the event, but it should come to a resolution soon.

We’ll share the place and date as soon as we find one that works for most of our talented and tireless contributors.

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