A-Rod’s Sister

She’s a Metro-North conductor. She checked my ticket this morning and, in fact, checks it a few times a week.

She’s a Latina, about 30, pretty, and pleasant.

And she looks exactly like freakin’ A-Rod.

As such, it’s hard to return her pleasantness. She’s politely thanking me for showing my monthly pass, and I’m gritting my teeth so I don’t snap at her about sullying the Fall Classic with her announcement that she was spurning the Yankees to test the market, her crawling back to the Yankees after a heart-to-heart with Warren Buffett, and her overall state of arrogance, artifice and manufactured earnestness every time a video camera is near.

Has anyone else out there encountered A-Rod’s Sister on the train? Any of those conductors out there know who I’m talking about?

(I know, I know, time to get a damn cellphone camera.)

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2 Responses to A-Rod’s Sister

  1. Ron F. says:

    We have a lot of men conductors who look like Yogi Berra but no women that I know of resembling A-Rod 🙂

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