The Metro-North Channel

I had the divine pleasure of quaffing a $7 pint at Irish watering hole Annie Moore’s recently. (Me: Seven dollars for a pint? What is this, the Campbell Apartment? Bartender: Try three times that at Campbell Apartment. Me: You’re right, that was mean.)

Grand Central commuters know Moore’s well; on 43rd, it’s about the length of a train car from the station.

One thing that struck me about Moore’s were the viewing options: hockey game on this TV, college football on that TV, and, get this, the Metro-North departures board on another TV. Yes, you can sit there and watch your 11:36 to Larchmont inch closer to departure, then make a dash for it with about 60 seconds to go and still make your train.


The bartender, feelings still bruised after my Campbell Apartment crack, told me the bar pays for the Metro-North feed.

“I’d think they’d be happy to have it in here,” I told the man.

He scoffed and sneered (snoffed? sceered?) at the same time, then said, “You know Metro-North.”

I’ll have to get a picture of the Metro-North TV one of these days.

Then again, you see the same damn thing in Grand Central every day.

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3 Responses to The Metro-North Channel

  1. braine says:

    You can actually access it on the web, too. I found it once. That way, you can watch your 6:15 to Beacon edge closer and then leave, right from the comfort of your cubicle.

  2. Ron. F. says:

    If you go to Metro North’s union site you can click on the link for GCT departures and see the same thing. It’s a link off the MTA website.

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