Voice of London Underground Silenced

Angry Youngman has informed us that Emma Clarke, known as the voice of the London Underground for her subterranean subway announcements, has been sacked for posting humorous (or “humourous”, in local parlance) announcements on her website.

Here’s one we can all appreciate:

“We’d like to remind our American tourist friends that you are almost certainly talking too loud.” 

Apparently someone else will have to remind the Britons to mind the gap.

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2 Responses to Voice of London Underground Silenced

  1. nathan says:

    I look forward to visting the London tubes in the Spring. Hope I get a warmer welcome than that. 🙂
    PS… I’ve updated my URL. It’s now http://www.nathanashker.com/A_Straphanger_Emerges

  2. Ron. F. says:

    If you go to Metro North’s union site http://www.GoACRE.com you can click on the link for GCT departures and see the same thing. It’s a link off the MTA website.

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