Hertz So Good

Rented a car from Hertz over the holiday, picking up outside Boston and dropping off in North White Plains. I’d seen the Hertz building a million times from the Metro-North–you could throw your iPod with the downloaded monthly pass at it from the train–but it didn’t dawn on me that that’s where I was returning the car until I pulled in to the parking lot.


With our car still in Boston with the Missus, I was rendered rideless upon dropping off the rental. But within three minutes of dropping it off, I made my way across the street to the North White Plains station (“North White,” to locals), and was on the northbound Harlem Line train. Eight minutes later, I was off in Hawthorne for the short-ish walk home.

Good to know that anyone living on the Harlem line can use Metro-North to get to a rental car.

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