The Million-Mile Commute

The Austin Statesman salutes a Texan with a 430-mile round-trip commute, who figures he’ll have commuted a million miles by the time he’s through.“I’ll tell you what. It’s a show out there on the road. That’s why I enjoy it so much,” Jeff Rue told reporter John Kelso.

Part of what Rue enjoys about the “show” are the various animals he’s hit on I-35 over the years — dogs, cats, coyotes, snakes, and an owl that he slammed with his grille.

Another fun show took place when a circus truck was jammed up in traffic in front of him, and the driver let the elephants and emus out for a walk.

“We had been there about an hour, and they decided to take the animals out of the trailers and let them move around,” Rue said.

A systems analyst, Rue seems like he couldn’t be happier about driving 3 1/2 hours each way. Myabe the guy needs his own system analyzed.

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