Times Salutes the Quickest Way to Harlem

There’s a nice piece in the NY Times today about the A train turning 75. In a nod to the Duke Ellington jazz standard, one rider quoted in the story mentions the song’s “cultural significance”: “There’s no 6 train song or D train song,” said Dr. John Morrow, who happened to be grooving to a little Tom Waits on the iPod while riding the A.

Interesting factoids in Manny Fernandez’s story: the A train cost a nickel when it opened, it starts uptown in Inwood and finishes out in Queens, not far from an Inwood hamlet on Long Island, and both pigeons and body parts have been found on the train and its tunnels.

Marking the anniversary, a special train of six prewar cars is in service for the A train’s original course. If anyone got a chance to ride–yes, Engine Bob, we’re talking to you–we’d love to hear about it.

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