‘Hamer of the Gods

Every day, twice a day, riders on the Harlem line see it: CG Swackhamer. There it is, an ugly industrial building just south of White Plains, with a giant sign that, well, kind of swacks you like a hammer.


What the hell is Swackhamer? We called to find out.

“We’re a retail lumber yard,” said a not very chatty man named Ralph. “Masonry, building materials, that sort of thing.

While we chatted with Ralph, we called up the Swackhamer Website. They’ve been around 75 years! They sell “Fypon”, “Essroc” and “Velux”!

I asked Ralph who Swackhamer was. Some German immigrant?

“A Dutch guy,” he said. “He’s been dead and buried for 50 years.”

Mystery solved.

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