The Day After

The NY Times has ample coverage of yesterday’s crippling storm. One rich nugget came from “two sweating women…at dueling distance” in a Times Square subway station.

“Say that to my face! Say that to my face!” yelled one. “I’ll knock your fat teeth into your fat mouth!”

The other woman, red faced, hurled back a familiar malediction.

I’ve known a few people with “fat teeth.” It’s really not fair to make fun of such a condition.

The Times also mentioned receiving nearly a thousand posts from the public on its new City Room blog, including the woman who had the presence of mind to hop an open-air tour bus from Brooklyn to the Village (“…the best view of the city [from the top level], fresh air and cool breezes, and a SEAT…for FREE!”), the person who felt their “2-year old cousin devises better transportation plans with his train set” than the MTA, and the individual who told irate would-be riders to keep in mind that transit workers not only had to undergo a nasty commute yesterday too, but also “answered the question you are asking them about 100 times in the last 60 seconds.”

City Room has extremely thorough storm coverage here.

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