Five Things I Like About My Commute

So lengthy was my mini-vacation that I noticed a spider web had sprung from my bike to the lawnmower in our garage. Not having to commute for all of five days, I got a little perspective on the game, and in a mad flash of optimism and good cheer, came up with five whole things I like about my commute.

1. I don’t know a soul on my train. No husband of wife’s friend at the station to pretend I don’t see, no one from work I get stuck riding next to when they board in White Plains, no friend of a former friend I have to pretend I don’t see when they get on in Valhalla.

 2. 1-3/4-Seaters!  

3. Unlike Stamford or White Plains, or even Hartsdale, Hawthorne is a small station. That means, in the rare event that the Missus picks me up after work, she can pull right up to the stairs, grab me, and drive right out, instead of getting jammed up in big-station traffic.

4. The option of having a beer on the train.

5. On that topic, the pubs one sees from the Harlem line, including JC Fogarty’s in Bronxville, Harry’s of Hartsdale and Valhalla Crossing.

6.  The new bike rack at Hawthorne station! 

Geez, that’s 6. I must really be relaxed.

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