‘Mileposts’ Don’t Know Baseball

Amidst all the commuter excitement this week (Floods! Boiled asbestos-spewing geysers in midtown!), we almost forgot to give the latest Mileposts a read. Metro-North’s monthly publication has a baseball theme to it, as it “announces” the pending train station at Yankee Stadium (uh, the Times broke that back in May, folks).

“There’s been an exciting development regarding the Yankees,” Mileposts teases, “and it has nothing to do with The Rocket’s return [Editor’s Note: Uninspiring], Giambi’s foot [Editor’s Note: In dire need of HGH] or Damon’s hair [Editor’s Note: Hair the only part of Damon not injured].”

Mileposts later takes a gratuitous dig at the Yankees’ National League, first-place baseball brethren. “You remember the Mets, New York’s ‘other’ baseball team,” jibes Mileposts in a bit about express 7 trains to Shea.

As Long Island’s own Billy Joel once crooned, “The Yankees grab the headlines every time.”

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