Pat Neshek’s Web Gems

Until Jose Reyes shows he can hustle on every ball he hits (last night’s double on a 120-foot dunker to center was a pretty good start), my new favorite player is Twins hurler Pat Neshek. Why, you ask? He’s an oddball sidearmer that manager Ron Gardenhire calls “a freak.” He openly campaigned to be included in the All-Star game (to no avail, despite a 1.70 ERA in 42 games). And he’s a blogger with a taste for public transportation!


Yes, Neshek pens the blog “On the Road With Pat Neshek,” as a way to show fans what life is really like for Major League ballers. A recent post had Neshek and some teammates enjoying the subway up to Yankee Stadium; the Minnesota native was shocked by how packed the “railcars” were. (We were shocked that he called them “railcars.”)

Unfortunately, far as we can tell, a recent Times article on Neshek and his blog seems to have crashed the site. I keep checking, but it appears to be frozen on the home page. I’ll keep checking, though–and we’ll see if we can get Neshek to guest-write something for Trainjotting. I bet he will.

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1 Response to Pat Neshek’s Web Gems

  1. eskillian says:

    Hey, it’s awesome that you mentioned Neshek. He’s one of the nicest guys in baseball. His site has been working just fine lately so you should try it again.

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