Readers/Riders Sound Off

A testament to Trainjotting’s, uh, global reach, we received some commuter commentary from Jersey and Connecticut alike.

From JerseyPat:

How about my 3 mile commute/drive that takes 50 minutes in the morning!!!!!!!   One of these days I’m going to leave my car in the middle of the road and walk the
rest of the way to work.

From CTRider:

For starters, I need to know a little more about ‘door lights’.  Clearly it must be some kind of mojo or rocket science, because it took no fewer than 7 railroad employees over 10 minutes to address a ‘door light’ issue in the head car (which I had the pleasure of sitting in).  The doors were opening and closing just fine..

Once we finally leave GCT (12 minutes late…) the woman seated to my left decided that she was too good to get up and take her calls to the vestibule like all of the civilized commuters.  Five very loud conversations later, I decide to get up and move because my finest ‘Shut the hell up, I hate you’ look had absolutely no effect on this miserable being.

So I sit down at the far end of the same car, and there is another yapper there.  I must have missed part of his conversation, but I have to assume that he had given the person n the other end of the phone his cell number loud enough for the guy next to hear. 

As soon as the yapper hung up, I saw the guy next to me placing a call.  I heard the yapper yell ‘Hello?!?!’ into his phone and the guy next to me said “This is one of your fellow commuters, and the rest of the people on the train would really appreciate it if you would keep your voice down. 

It was so funny, I almost swallowed the toothpick I was chewing on.

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