Hipsters Jeer, Bomber Fans Cheer

In today’s commuter news, L train riders will wait until 2010 until an expansion of the L fleet is fully operational, and Yankee fans get their very own Metro-North stop near Yankee stadium around June 2009.

The new station will be a 10-minute walk from the Yankees’ new home, which is currently being built, and will cost around $91 million–about how much Roger Clemens makes while driving his Hummer to the ballpark (metaphor runner-up: About what Jason Giambi spent on human growth hormone from 1998 to present.)

The station isn’t quite a perfect fit for Westchester residents, who as Caren Halbfinger of the Journal News points out, will take the train to 125th, then catch the Yankee train and head back up to the stadium.

Still, it makes raising young Met fans in the borough a little more challenging.

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1 Response to Hipsters Jeer, Bomber Fans Cheer

  1. KMB says:

    I guess we won’t have to pay Jose $30 to park on a public street next time we catch a game in the Bronx.

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