See You Next Year, Kiddies!

As Bring Your Child to Work Day wound to a close yesterday, one defining image of the day will stay with me. The 6:10 to Mount Kisco was somewhere between Valhalla and Hawthorne when a dad attempted to lead his young son from one car to the next as the train hurtled ahead.

Mind you, it wasn’t one of those door connections that’s sealed off from the outside, assuring you won’t crash to the rails and die. This one was wide open, and the kid was out in the middle of it.

Mercifully, in the car the man and his son were looking to enter, the engineer had left his booth door open, barring entry into the car and forcing the man and his son to return to the car from which they came.

What was the man thinking? Hey kid, here’s how we save ourselves 30 seconds of walking on the platform once we get off the train?

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2 Responses to See You Next Year, Kiddies!

  1. Melissa says:

    I’ve done that walk with a 2-year old – it admittedly is not pretty. But when the 2-year old is potty-training and the only supposedly “working” toilet is in the next car…

    And no, I am not an amateur – I just have a hellish work/life balance, forcing my young daughter to commute with me a couple times a month.

  2. Eric says:

    I saw your blog listed on and linked to look around. I commute daily with my son via the subways and the Roosevelt Island Tram. A number of the island’s kids commute off to get to school each day. Its amusing to watch as you see the kids fight the drone experience. My own son has the 6 line memorized and used to announce the stops a few seconds ahead of the automated announcement and then he got tired of the announcement copying him. I look forward to stopping back here after I drop him off and get to my own job.

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