Why I didn’t commute Monday

Well our fearless leader Malone5a has put out a call for all noreaster-themed commuter stories and as I’m a resident of storm-addled Mamaroneck he’s looking for me to come up with something.

Having not gone into the office the day after the storm I don’t have a storm-related commuting story exactly, but I guess showing a picture of the reason I didn’t make it in counts.

flood.jpgSee the lake these rescue guys are launching their boat into in this shot? See the stop sign behind it? Well I usually make a right at that sign as I walk to the station…and as you might guess there’s usually not a lake there.

Actually you gotta hand it to Metro-North. As I took this photo Sunday night I noticed a train roaring by on the elevated tracks a block away. I don’t know if it was on time, but it was going faster than the rescue boat.

Special bonus for the truly desperate: A shot I took of Governor Spitzer walking past the Mamaroneck station the next day. Hey you can see where I usually stand!!

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