‘Mileposts’ Hits!

The new issue of MTA publication Mileposts landed on seats today. Frankly, it lacks some of the sly wit that’s defined past issues. The lead story, titled “Handsome Really Is As Handsome Does,” is all about dual-mode locomotives getting overhauled. To be honest, unless you’re Engine Bob or something, it’s an express train to Dullsville.

In other Mileposts news: Hudson Line platform changes go down starting April 16, Earth Day festivities kick off April 14 and last all week (among the highlights: String Cheese Incident performing at Grand Central), and a Courtesy Corner item about not putting wet umbrellas on the seat next to you. “Besides April showers, the story reads, “April shouldn’t also bring a rash of wet ‘posteriors’ to your fellow commuters.”

Amen to that.

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