New Riot City

There was a bit of an incident, shall we say, in New Rochelle Sunday evening that spread onto the Metro-North trains. A pack of youths, numbering as much as a thousand, were told to leave New Roc City, which is this giant entertainment complex, featuring go-karts, a carousel, skating rink and an arcade, after they became unruly. Apparently they rioted on the streets, stormed the nearby train station, and reportedly were pushed onto downbound trains by police.

From the Journal News:

Jordan George, a Manhattan resident who was taking the southbound train from Mamaroneck after visiting a relative for the Easter holiday, said he and fellow passengers were terrified when the train pulled into New Rochelle and riot police and teenagers streamed into the car.

“Picture this from my point of view: I’ve been riding this train for 12 years without any kind of incident, and all of a sudden we pull into a station and hundreds of kids and police in riot gear come flooding in,” George said today.

“They was a lot of yelling and screaming going on, and thank God nobody got hurt, but it was right on the edge, I was genuinely frightened for my safety and my girlfriend’s safety.”


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