I Thought My Commute Sucked Vol. 5

Westchester started allowing Metrocards on its Bee-Line bus system yesterday, and let’s just say the debut was less than auspicious. Vendors sold out of the cards very quickly, leaving riders in a bind, as most of the previous methods of payment (such as dollar bills) no longer work.

Journal News has the story.

One interesting suplot in the article: two of the random Joes (and Joans) contacted for the piece revealed truly heinous commutes. To wit:

Linda Christie, 35, who takes five buses every day to get between her Yonkers home and her IBM office in Armonk


“I already had one, so it was no problem,” agreed Rudy Quinonez, 25, who takes a subway from his Brooklyn home to Grand Central, then the Metro-North train to White Plains in order to catch a bus to his job at Verizon.

Good lord. Suddenly Metro-North to the 6 train doesn’t seem all that abominable.

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4 Responses to I Thought My Commute Sucked Vol. 5

  1. JSW says:

    For more info on the Bee-Line – join the Westchester Bus Yahoo Group. I recently formed this group to exchange info with others interested in Bee Line.

  2. bryan says:

    the transit hike is making our commute even harder – folks with payPerRide metrocards are getting all kinds of annoying uneven balances on their cards

    I found this cool calculator that helps you with ny subway math

  3. Raul says:

    This bus system is herendous . The schedule is absolutely ridiculous every bus is either a half a hour wait or a whole hour. I mean what the he’ll. Yet. They have the calls to hike up the fair.

  4. Raul says:

    I meant galls.

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